Hoben Workplace Consultants

We are passionate about change and helping organisations achieve their change goals. Our primary objective is to provide our participants with an informative and educational experience.

Each organisation has different change needs (ie, large transformational; small, incremental; or project based) and change can mean different things to different people. But working together we can co-create a change roadmap that takes you to your destination.

Our vision is to help organisations have a positive change experience and those impacted by the change, to embrace the change.

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Workplace Change Insights

Source: Hammer, 2017

Change agents are vital in lean transformation. They provide both the technical know-how and the social support needed by managers and front-line teams alike as they learn and adopt new lean practices.

Change agents need to form a team that can work effectively together, and then go on to interact extensively with all levels of the organisation.

The management structure put in place for change agents will be decisive in determining their effectiveness and enable them to focus on their role.

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